Ben Answers: How do I draw macabre art?

This is a question I answered on Quora. The original is here. 

This will depend heavily on what you mean by ‘macabre’ art. For the sake of this answer, I’m going to assume you mean dark subject matter like one would find on heavy metal t-shirts, horror-themed comic books, or the imagery I see when I do a Google image search on ‘macabre art.’

New Tutorial: Comparative Method of Drawing
A picture of a hand making a measurement with a pencil.

I've posted a new tutorial on the comparative method of drawing. It explains how and why to use the comparative method, and how it can help you improve your drawing. As always, use the contact form to send me any questions or comments on the method, and sign up for the mailing list to get updates when I publish significant content like this. 

Understanding the Sight-Size Method
An Artist using the sight-size method.

The purpose of this article is to be a companion to my description of the sight-size method and provide some context to the method so you can make informed decisions about when to use it, and the wider context of sight-size as an artistic tool. First and foremost, keep in mind that the sight-size method is simply a tool. Like all tools, to get the most out of it you must know its strengths and its limitations. Any tool can become a crutch if it is overused and the rest of the toolkit is underutilized.